Kim and Khloe: Best Vacation Ever!!!

Sorry I’ve failed to update recently. I tried to provide a detailed and VERY EXCITING account of Kim and Khloe, but it somehow failed to load. Damn.

Any way, here are some pics of that event. It was a fourteen player game, which is potentially unmanageable. But I’ve done this before, so I know that as long as I keep things move and give players a chance to jump in even if they have already had their turn, it will work. Also, rather than have players doing the usual wargame thing where they quietly move a few inches and check some charts, I have them announce what they are doing, and allow them to move long distances where applicable – after all, a  sports car on an open road with nothing to stop it probably can move the length of the table in one action.

I won’t go through all the details. Revolutionary groups tried to bring down the government,  drug lords shot at soldiers, mad scientists let their experiments run loose in the street. There was a lot of irresponsibility around nuclear waste. Rap mogul K-Kenneth mistook a mutant for ‘a Make a Wish kid’, and the photos went viral. Kim and Khloe avoided their bodyguards and husbands in order to ride around and look for cocktails. A flying saucy arrived. The president stole it. What else do do need to know?


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