A Gentleman’s War Approacheth

We are getting very close to releasing ‘A Gentleman’s War’ as a set of hardcopy rules and a pdf. Right now Roderick is adjusting photos on the layout, and then we’ll be ready to go. This is a game for gentlemanly gamers, not too long in play, not too complicated, not too abstract. It’s a toy soldier game.



It’s a deliberately old school game, using a standard card deck, handfuls (although not buckets) of dice, saving throws and removing casualties one by one. That said, we’ve avoided the mathiness of actual 1960s and earlier rules, because  we didn’t come here to play arithmetic.

Everyone is very brave. You don’t take a morale test to charge, because we encourage that sort of thing. And a unit ignores casualties until it’s taken one third casualties, and then one half.


You can play with any figures, really, but the mood is set for very traditional figures. Ours are 40-42mm shiny toy soldiers for the Victorian era, but my AWI collection is plastic flats in around 30mm.

I will keep you posted!



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