Terrain WIP(s): Part 1

Two or three years ago I bought a couple of plywood boxes, about three feet by two, with three inch walls. These were someone’s abandoned project – no idea what – and I got them for a nominal price at a flea market. And then I couldn’t decide what to do with them. Then I had an idea. One would be a Chinese garden, the other a creepy cemetery (although it might double as part two of the Chinese set up).

First I  drew basic plans, then cut up a thin layer of foam, and a thicker , one inch (pink) piece. The river sections join between the two models, through an imaginary tunnel.

I merged the layers of terrain, then washed it over with a thin coat of Durham’s Water Putty, a durable plaster.


Slightly out of sequence here, a base coat of brown paint for the land, blue and green for the water.


Back a bit, we paint the rockwork.

And then we start on the walls, using Hirst Arts moulds to look like Old ruined stonework.  But we’ll get to that as we go along.


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