A Gentleman’s War goes to New Jersey


Matt Rector and I ran a large, well-received game at NJCon yesterday. I won’t give you a blow by blow account, except to say that at two hours the French had won, at two and a half suddenly they had not, and at three, finally, they had. Don’t assume that because you have units across a bridge, the bridge is yours!

The French form up to attack.

The British do the same, with cavalry on their left.

And then they went at it!

8 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s War goes to New Jersey

  1. Splendid. Only two months until my manumission and I can spend the days not getting in the way of my good lady’s yoga and Pilates sessions. I.e. painting and playing with the collection. My hard copy is finally on its way from the UK now the rest of the order is in. Time to grow old discgracefully!

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  2. Thanks for posting – very interesting. I just got these rules and I’m considering trying some ‘old school’ gaming. Any suggestions on sources for buildings/terrain?


    1. I think it depends on your taste. For this we used deliberately old school, bright green landscape and terraced Hills. The trees are from a craft supply workshop I found online. The buildings are maybe more ‘realistic ‘ than need be, scratchbuilt 28mms that I enlarged the doorways. We’ve used cheap wooden birdhouses as the basis for more toylike houses.


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