The Chinese Garden

The Chinese garden was built as permanent wargame module, where the buildings and trees etc are separate. The idea was that it works for a number of periods and genres, from actual Chinese history and legend through Victorian adventure, Pulp and spy games of the James Bond variety.

While it would be possible to do a conventional battle between two sides laid out for combat, the setting suggests assassination, treasure hunt games,  quests or pursuits.

All the buildings etc are aquarium models repainted.


Most of the work was done in May, with the blossoms of my own garden and neighbourhood as inspiration. The trees, however, all came from China via eBay.




It’s like a Kung Fu movie!

I had no plans beyond something small to play on my kitchen table. I’d been collecting Chinese temples, as one does, so I thought we’d try some criminal activity in the mysterious East, with a sorcerer hiring bandits to steal an amulet from some peaceful monks.

So, that was me, and Dan the evil mage and his minions.

Who behave badly, but not that effectively, being bandits. Still, the monks were outnumbered.


The sorcerer sent in his daughter, a swordmistress, who did some efficient slicing and dicing.

Meanwhile the sorcerer and his other daughter wire-fu’d their way to the highest of the four pavilions, pursued by the master of the monastery – –

C45F7A6E-3DA2-401A-9C2E-E0838573AF44Which makes for a great cliffhanger. Because I have no photos of what happened next.

Multitudinous and Various


image 2

I’ve been woefully neglectful in updating this blog lately, so here’s a photographic tour of games I’ve played in the last few weeks.

So, first off, some pics of last week’s game at Toy Wiz, largely to try out a melee system I’ve been playing with, based on the one in Flint and Feather, but fantasy, so more geared to heroes who slay minion after minion. Mostly they didn’t, though, because Matt Thorenz managed to roll astonishingly bad dice. Come on, when you have a 7-1 advantage, a draw isn’t a good result.

Next up, for the previous week, is more or less the same set up, but infested with cats. Maisie on the left, Eliza on the right, plus part of Elmore.

And, last up for now, is an American Revolution battle using my comic book flats armies and the AWI variant on A Gentleman’s War. A tied battle, but a good one. My artillery hit nothing at all for several turns, but made up for it when, in time of crisis, it inflicted five or six casualties on the approaching Green Mountain Boys, who then failed morale badly and ran away when, frankly, I could have been in trouble. A lot of trouble.